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Arley Elizabeth grew up in Colton, California. Her modeling career began at a very young age, under five. As a youth she competed in various pageants and beauty contests. At age six she was enrolled in a few acting and modeling workshops to help hone her craft. By age nine Arley had been signed with her first agency. Although, there were a few years where Arley had lost interest in the modeling and acting industry, she quickly got back into it when she was seventeen and signed with her second agency, but then her family moved to a new city and her career was put on hold so she could concentrate on her studies. Finally, in 2008 Arley got back in the saddle and landed a gig hosting Bite Me TV’s “Car Culture.” Arley really started focusing on her career in 2010 and has made some great strides. She hopes to take her career many places and grow her fan-base along the way.




March 24

Zodiac Sign:







110 lb.




Yucaipa, CA

Turn Ons:

Confidence and respect go a long way with me. Treat me right from the very beginning; plain and simple.

Turn Offs:

I have quite the list of turn offs but for starters: laziness, carelessness, inappropriate vulgarity, poor manners, short tempers, complete disregard for those around you.

Idea first date:

I don’t like to go on dates unless I have established a comfortable friendship first. I hate the pressure of going on a date. I want to enjoy time with someone, not feel like I’m at an interview. So my ideal first date is to not have a first date.

Guilty Pleasure:

I impulse buy sweaters all year. I can’t just go buy socks or underwear or something like that without getting a sweater.

Pet Peeves:

If I’m talking on the phone, don’t talk to me until I get off the phone. It’s rude and incredibly annoying. If it’s a quick question like asking where something is or telling me something like ‘so and so is leaving’ then that’s fine. Other than that, shh.

Celebrity Pass:

I don’t have a celebrity crush...but some characters celebrities play in movies are pretty hot. Example; Chris Hemsworth is a good looking guy, but I would wreck Thor...note the difference.

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